Monday, June 20, 2011

Another new blog

What, what?! I switched to a new blog because I'm crazy like that... you can find me & all my archives (from {enjoy more} BLISS & 33etc) at

Monday, May 16, 2011

(minus)365 :: Day I dunno, I lost count

It is the mofo middle of May already. What. Is. With. That?

145. This mirror is one of those "hang over the door" dealies. Or as I like to call it: the "bang against the door every time I need in my closet" mirror. So now this mirror lives at Goodwill. The End.

Monday, April 18, 2011

(minus)365 :: Day 108

Giant things. Giant things people give you that you don't need but it's nice of them so you take them. Like this:

144* - This is a GIANT TV that my dad gave me a few years ago. It just sits there on the floor. Because I can't lift it. I was using it up until tonight when I switched it for my old 25" TV that I can lift and won't collapse the stand I have. Plus the 25" TV has more than one video input so I don't have to crawl around on the floor to switch out my DVD & Roku all the time. Eventually I'll get an LCD TV. I'm saving up like a good girl.

As for the tank TV, my brother said something about his friend wanted one so I'm hoping he'll come pick it up. Soon. Because otherwise, I have no idea how I'm gonna get it out of my house.

*oops, I forgot to put a number on this but I don't feel like editing it now... just pretend it's there, mmkay?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hike #3 :: Chuckery Trail

This week is when spring decided to stick around and this is when I kick my trips to the local parks into high gear. When I looked at the weather report for the week, I knew there would be one or two after work hikes. Today seemed like a perfect day after a kinda chilly day yesterday. So me & a friend & 2 pups headed to the Signal Tree to hit the Chuckery Trail. This is one of my favorite local hikes, even though it includes my nemesis THE REALLY STEEP HILL. Hee. Nah, it's good for me, right? Plus, that hill is secretly why it's one of my favorites. I've even taken to attempting these uphill battles without my asthma inhaler. (wheeze wheeze wheeze breathe)

Anywho, I forgot to snap any photos or take any videos. So this is all you get. Words.

The trail is posted at 2.4 miles but my Nike+ tracked 2.6... perhaps my shoe doohickey needs re-calibrated. But either way, nature rules. :D

Just Say No... to Garage Sales

I've decided to not have a garage sale. I've been going back & forth with it since I started this de-stuffing project and finally today I said, "Enough. Just donate it ASAP & get it out of your face."

I have had a successful garage sale before. One. Out of... 10? And by successful, I mean I made a few hundred bucks *because* I sold one big item for a few hundred bucks. But *most* sales, I'm lucky to get $50 out of and they are a lot of work. And then at the end, you either haul the junk back into your house for the next sale (bad) or you take it somewhere & donate it right away (better). When it comes down to it, there are much more fun/useful things I would like to do with my free time this summer. And while I could always use a few extra bucks, I simply don't want this stuff anymore. And having it sitting around waiting to maybe be sold is frustrating me. So to me it's a much better deal to give it away sooner then hope someone will give me a tiny fraction of what I originally paid for it later.

Now, there may be exceptions... for instance, has started offering credit for used books online. So maybe some of my nicer/newer books that I don't want anymore, I could sell & pick up something (used) to read. Also, there are things, like the GIANT record player (spoiler alert! hee) that came w/my house that may just head to the curb. It will probably be more likely to get picked up by the Sanford & Son metal people for it's internal bits then bring any money to Goodwill. And the hassle of getting it to Goodwill doesn't seem worth it. And maybe, maybe, there will be a couple of things I will deem worthy of trying to craigslist or ebay away. But I kinda doubt I'll even go to that trouble for bigger items.

I actually thought of setting it all in my driveway & advertising as a Free Market type of thing but even that is a lot of work on top of a trip to donate it.

I just want it gone & I don't want anything to stand in my way! Bwahahahahaha... hehe.